Zombikes – Burn the roads.

The zombies are coming on bikes, cars, balloons,as ghosts and many more Zombie Avatars and you have been given the responsibility to burn all the roads in all the continents before those ZOMBIKES get you .
In this great new adventure,inspired by the all time classic CITY CONNECTION ,you will be given various bonuses to help you in your mission.
Ride your bike through various terrains and on your way shoot the zombies or jump over them as you unlock more bonuses , but always remember your main mission – BURN THE ROADS !!!!


– 25 levels in 5 different continents
5 bonus arsenals – Bomb,Invisibility,Double fire,Laser fire,Burn roads bonus
More than 10 different types of zombies to fight against
Game center enabled
Awesome Music track

Wear your helmets and get ready to BURN THE ROADS in this most thrilling and exciting fight against the zombies on app store !!!!

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