ZombieStreet PLUS

Defense shooting action armed with splendid effects – Zombie Street Defense

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Build a stronghold and rescue your colleagues by escaping from the city occupied by zombies!

★ Desperate struggle against zombies to escape from the zombie city.
– Alone in the city, you have only one pistol!
– Buy weapons and mercenaries and upgrade, and you can block the endless zombies.

★ High quality graphic.
– Natural animation characters and splendid shooting action.
– Graphic displaying beautiful and characteristic city background every place.
– The splendid effect of shooting.
– Powerful effect of blowing the zombies off.

★ Rhythmic BGM and realistic weaponry effects.
– Rhythmic BGM cannot be missed in the desperate struggle against zombies.
– Realistic and exciting shooting effects of each weapon.

★ The five types of extraordinary weapons which will protect you.
– The five types of extraordinary weapons necessary for your survival.
– All weapons contain powerful hitting impact.
– As you go on, you can obtain more powerful weapon.

★ 4 trustworthy comrades who will support you.
– 4 comrades with great styles.
– Each uses extraordinary weapon helping you.
– Playing the game, you will meet new comrades, and you can kill the zombies with them.

★ Special skills provided to overcome crisis.
– Special skills are supported to settle the crisis in one shot.
– If you are in a dangerous situation surrounded zombies, let’s use the air bombardment.

★ Upgrade system giving various fun.
– About 20 types of extraordinary upgrades provided.
– Numerous factors such as weapon and mercenaries, special weapon, barricade, and etc can be provided.
– Let’s see how stronger you become through steady upgrade.
– Let’s kill the zombies and gather my own achievements in OpenFeint

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