Zombies vs Ninja

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As a ninja,how do you do to face a mob of zombies?

Zombies will come to you!

Game Introduction:
As a ninja,you are about to implement tasks,a mob of zombies comes to you.
With darts as your weapon to defend against zombies.
More darts to attack,more money you can get,then you can buy more darts.

However,it’s not so easy to defeat zombies,and zombies boss will challenge you!

Ninja,come to confront the zombies bravely!

★Work on all iPhone,iPhone 4 and iPad
★Various of zombies
★Different levels of darts with different power
★Chance to challenge with zombie boss when you coming to the new level

How to play:
★A mob of zombies coming to you,when you carry out tasks on your way
★Click on the zombies to attack with darts
★Switch different levels to enhance the power of darts
★Killing zombies to get more money to buy more darts
★Clear up all the blocking zombies!

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