“Zombies were re-born to run.”
“Good graphics; good controls; lots of gore; zombie rage”
– slideToPlay

You are a zombie who just escaped from the medical experiment.
Run for survival!!
Avoid or use all the obstacles!
Can you survive?

*** How to play ***

– Move the character up and down using the upper and lower drag.
– You can jump if you touch the screen.
– Basically use drag operation and jump operation to pass the obstacles.
– If the speed gauge is full, it changes to rage state and can infect the human unit to a zombie.
– You can choose a type of control. (DRAG/TILT)

*** Highlights ***

– It’s easy to control in any position (You can lie down and play!)
– 60FPS speedy game!
– Exciting rides with 5 different functions!
– Deliberately designed 5 types of themes and total 23 stages arcade game mode!!
– Random level design and unlimited play time challenge game mode!!
– Ranking system by stage and mode (global, friends, local ranking)
– Achievement system
– 17 kinds, 98 different obstacles

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