ZombieReversi Friends

★Play the reversi game filled with cool and cute characters!
Place your stones strategically to get more stones
and conquer aliens’ planets! Conquer ‘em all!
Play with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers!
It’s so simple and easy, anyone can play and have fun!

★Email or chat-like game experience!
It’s a turn based game, so you can play with your friends on your way to work or school, just like messaging, chatting, or tweeting.
You’ll receive push notifications, so you know when it’s your turn.

★Random match with players around the world!
Either invite a Facebook or Twitter friend to a match or play against ZombieReversi players all over the world using the random matching feature!
It’s all up to you!

★Have fun playing with many friends!
Chat with friends while you play and take photos of miracle plays.
You can play up to 30 friends at the same time!

★Easy to play even for beginners
Your opponent’s moves can be replayed and the highlighted squares indicate where you can place your stone.

Languages available are English & Japanese

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