You are born into a world covered by poisonous clouds that have changed 90% of the population into zombies. You live in the last human fortress on the planet, have just turned 18, and are ready to join the human defense forces that defend what’s left of the humans on this planet. From your base launch assaults on the zombie fortress – fight your way through waves of zombie foot soldiers, undead axemen, and disgusting giant rotting corpses. Choose a branch of the military to specialize in: Armor to get better tanks, Snipers to command longer ranged crossbowmen, or Grunts – who bring with them extra powerful chainsaw infantry that saw through the waves of zombies.

Allocate your resources wisely and put into play the best combinations of your three kinds of troops. Each has a special advantage against the others. But be careful, since the zombie lord is watching what you do and working on his own strategies to bring you down!

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