———————————Zombies coming!!!!——————————————

Interesting and playable zombie tower-defense game.

See if you can get rid of the zombies,in the game you can build:

★ Four kinds of tower:

① Machine gun towers: the power is small the price is cheap.you can use it to quickly build a defensive formation.
② Mucus tower: the power is small, general prices. Can effectively limit the speed of the enemy,you can build some let the enemy slow down,at the meantime your other tower can shoot the ememy better.
③ Missile tower : more powerful, more expensive. It launch a missle to hit the enemy ,so its attack range is very
④ Laser tower: the most powerful and expensive price. It would not let you down.

★ 11 kinds of enemy zombies:
Aircraft zombie: zombie to fly jets. To break through your defensive line is often the first to make you feel very

threatening enemy.
others: red zombie,yellow zombie,green zombie,motor zombie,spy zombie,lame zombie,truck zombie,Ngau Tau zombie,

tank zombie …

★ 4 maps. Different styles, strategic plan is completely different in different maps.
Mechanical Lost City, the desert wasteland, snow and ice, barren piece of Valley

★ Note: zombies attack you from a different route, be careful and think more considerately.

★ zombie will automatically find the shortest path to attack you,please block off the way completely.

★ recording your highest score,it is convenient to make a competition between you and your friends.

FeedBack: If you have any questions about the game, please contact us directly.
ban.game.studio @ gmail.com or QQ: 1410539068
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ban.game.studio@gmail.com or QQ:1410539068

Follow Us: 新浪微博:http://weibo.com/u/2640068803

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