Zombie Toss

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The Zombie Apocalypse: Horrific? Gory? Hopeless? More like DELICIOUS! Those attacking zombies taste great in a red wine sauce, ground in a hamburger, or even a salad. It wasn’t until the food ran out that we discovered how good zombies taste. Collect zombie meat using machetes, boomerangs, chainsaws, helicopters, and flying cyborg sharks in this multi-level undead epic, and if you can survive the experience, there might be a zombie pie in it for you.

· Travel through 4 chapters and 30 levels of zombie mayhem.
· Slice up the zombies before they touch the ground or become their next snack.
· Collect a massive arsenal of blades, guns and super attacks!
· Use super attacks to trigger helicopter strikes, tank assaults and a flying cyber shark attack!
· Battle multiple zombie types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

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