Zombie Runaway Free

Survival Rule for Zombie: Run for your life!
Zombie’s Breathtaking Rush!

Still scared of zombies? Play with our freakishly cute Zombie on his last runaway to prove that you’re not!

Zombie Runaway is a game where you dodge, run, and jump to keep the last Zombie left on earth away from humans. Simply Jump or move from Left to Right….All done with 3 touch buttons!
Have a ride on Boosters to crash through tombstones and watch Zombie run faster with smooth and easy control.
Invincible once on a Booster! Nothing can block Zombie’s once-in-a-lifetime runaway chase!

This game is the free version!
The full version has extra special features~!!
- Grab your chance to use more Gears and Items!
There are more extra-special items and gears in the full version!

- Choose out of many costumes and background themes!
You can not only get other Zombie and ninja costumes, but other backgrounds like a cherry blossomed cemetery can also add more spice and excitement to the runaway chase!

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