Zombie Puncher

An addictive action / arcade game with lots of zombie punching!

– Zombies
– Secret Unlockable Survivors
– Leveling Up and Stats

Tilt the device to move your hero!
You can also touch the screen to move.

The game is intended to be played from a comfortable sitting position, with the device held in front of the player at a casual 45° angle, not flat on a table.

Punch zombies, unlock new survivors, and try to survive as many rounds as you can!

– Strength (affects knockback)
– Defense (affects health)
– Speed (affects movement)

As you clear rounds and face harder and harder zombies, you’ll see that your stats appear weakened. Keep punching zombies so you can survive to higher rounds!

Progress is saved automatically:
– At the end of every round (screen full of zombies)
– When your health runs out / survivor passes out

Download Why You Gotta Be A Vampire, and you’ll get:
* Vampire Kenny, an exclusive character for Zombie Puncher!

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Twitter: @KennysApps

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