Zombie Pie

☆ All proceeds go to SpecialEffect, a charity dedicated to helping young people with disabilities to enjoy computer games ☆

Fed up of shooting zombies with boring automatic weaponry? Neither are we, but here is a fantastic alternative anyway!

Zombie Pie is an easy to learn, hard to master game that finally lets you launch pies (and more!) at hordes of the undead. Defend your home like in thousands of other apps… but this time it’s slightly different!

Crazy Joe has devised the ultimate pie-launching weapon and attached it to a comfortable rocking chair. Who said fighting the undead had to be taxing? Well, it still is! Because if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be a very good game.

Choose your appliance of death and time your launch to devastate the oncoming hordes! Splat pies in their face! Run them over with your dog! Summon a dragon! The possibilities are endless!*


Features include:

☞ Pies
☞ Toasters
☞ Flying Penguin Zombies
☞ Super easy controls
☞ Redneck Techno music
☞ Dragons
☞ And more!

It’s the game with a million uses! Just look at all these great ways you can enjoy Zombie Pie:

✔ Play it in bed!
✔ Play it on the train!
✔ Play it in a chair!
✔ And more!

Don’t delay. Get it now!

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