Zombie Harlem Shake Game


The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us and the world had been infected.

In the city of Harlem, something has awakened inside some zombies.


Join the zombie shakers who dance and shake their way through Harlem spreading
the Zombie Shake Flu to other zombies causing them to transform and dance.

The world is being saved one shaker at a time and it starts in Harlem.

Download Zombie Harlem Shake Game today!

-HOURS OF GAMEPLAY: Endless gameplay as you run through Harlem shoot old zombies
with your music and turn them into Shakers! But watchout, these Zombies attack unless you convert them! Unlock the shaker in every Zombie and see the different dances they do.

-EPIC MUSIC AND SOUNDS: Feel the beat of the Zombie Shake music and sound effects.

-ACTION AND FUN: The game start slow but moves fast!

-SIMPLE TAP CONTROLS: Tap left to move and tap right to shoot, it’s that simple.

-COLLECT COINS: Collect the Brain Coins to unlock the other Zombie Shaker Characters.
Be sure to grab every Red Brain Coin they are worth the most!

Have fun turning the Zombie Apocalypse into one big dance party Halrem Shake style!

Play for FREE today!

Zombie Harlem Shake Game contains in app purchases that cost real money within the app.
You can adjust your device settings to lock out in app purchases.

-Kids Mode unlocks character invincibility. Your character has unlimited health and cannot die by enemies or objects within the game.

To turn off Kids Mode, once purchased a new button on the main screen will appear called Kids Mode Off.

-Coins Packs can be used to unlock characters within the game. They come in 1000, 5000, and 10000 coins.
Why spend hours collecting coins when you can purchase them and unlock all the Zombie Shakers.

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