Zombie Granny: Origins HD

Will your mind and fingers be able to stop the Zombie invasion?

Popular Testimonials:

148apps: «Zombie Granny is a must download and will surprise even the youngest of players!»

Touch Arcade: «A Stylish Take on Trial and Error Puzzles! This is an unusually good looking game!»

Touch My Apps: «The stylish graphics, polished game mechanics and diverse levels are sure to offer you hours of joy!»

Zombie Granny is an addictive puzzle game with stunningly beautiful graphics and tricky missions.

In this game you control the environmental objects to defeat cartoon zombies as fast and as effective as you can. Your mind and fingers are the main weapons as well as the motion control. Most of the levels require pure logic and will challenge you mind. Some of the stages use the arcade elements that will help you to relax.

Travel through different worlds to exterminate zombies in all of them. Make sure to polish your skills, collect all the gems and set the best hi-score. Use your fingers to cut the ropes and break the chains. Watch closely as your actions put the scene in motion. Create passages by destroying obstacles and bring some action with the help of exploding boxes and shooting cannons.

Game features:

– 3 different worlds to conquer: Stonehenge, Police Station, Pirate Ship.
– 45 beautiful and challenging puzzle levels to solve.
– More than 100 zombies to kill.
– 3 strong and clever bosses to defeat.
– Lots of weapons to use: colored fireballs, bombs, boxes and other.
– Lots of tricky devices to use: levers, springs, platforms and other.
– Beautiful graphics.
– Atmospheric music.
– Funny and lovable heroes.
– Arcade elements.
– Easy-to-use level editor.

Official Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zombie-Granny/119034981552989

Gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1VDp-p86aY&context=C3a7d296ADOEgsToPDskIGYDyQ8-

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