Zombie Crasher

Best action running game with a nice zombie theme and great cartoon art style!
ZOMBIE CRASHER is on sale now for World Wide iPhone users!
Experience great action with an awesome character, addictive gameplay, comfortable touch controls, lots of fun!

The special introductory offer, $0.99! Buy now at a reduced price.★

★Beta testers say★
– Great pickup and play game. Good when you want to pass time!
– The game has variety, with the main jumping gameplay, plus boss fights. This keeps it interesting, which is good. I like the power-ups and slots, which make the game more fun. The combo’s and fever mode are good, for better scores.
– Zombie Crasher is really different compared to other endless runners. The obstacles in game make the game challenging but fun. Zombie Crasher had me coming back to the game multiple times because I was having so much fun!


Easy to learn!!
: Use just one button to beat the zombies

: Survive a sudden zombie attack! Use fantastic skills and items!

Various Characters and maps
: 16 types of zombies and 4 different maps randomly opened (city/park/village/graveyard)

Beat your friends’ scores on OpenFeint Leaderboards
: Compete best records with your friends and global users!

Challenge 50 missions!!
: Collect items and game cash to accomplish 50 missions!


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