Zombie Chav Hunt

Zombie Chav Hunt is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Zombie Chav Hunt Review

‘Chavs’ (also known as ‘neds’ and ‘skangers’) are sort of a British Isles interpretation of American trailer trash–a lifestyle marked by public intoxication, gaudy jewelry, unemployment, track suits and the omnipresent Burberry Plaid. They’re unpleasant enough alive, but completely intolerable as undead, and you have to slaughter them all in Zombie Chav Hunt. 99 cents buys you a couple chuckles and about ten minutes of shooting gallery action, and that’s just not enough to recommend these days.

As in most shooting gallery games, you move your aiming crosshairs with tilt controls and shoot with a fire button. Various types of green-skinned chavs pour onto the screen from both edges, shuffling slowly across while you take potshots at them. The whole chavvie crew got infected: girls, drunkards, pigeons, and even a lumbering mega-chav that takes many headshots to kill.

The cartoony animation is very cool–zombies blow up and get their Burberry caps shot off–and the chavs mutter lots of funny things as you gun them down. However, the game’s very short and offers little replay. There are only three guns, and there’s next to no challenge in blasting these guys, who make no attempt to defend themselves. Aren’t chav zombies supposed to be doubly dangerous?

We were completely done with this App after ten minutes of play, and we don’t consider that a good use of a buck. Wait for a content update.