Get Zombeat – The most exciting beat matching game with a twist! Crazed zombies trying to eat your brains!

You’ve tried the other beat matching games out there, so now it’s time to play the most original music game to hit the iPhone. Zombeat is not just a beat matching game; it’s a game of survival. Play as Zeke, the biker turned zombie killer, in a fight for your life trying to punch, shoot, and even chainsaw your way through massive zombie attacks. The only way to survive is by beat matching your way through the horde of zombies and creating a bloody mess along the way. After all, it was Zeke who woke the dead in the first place, and now it is his job to send them back.

What’s better than a music game and flesh eating zombies? Nothing! Zombeat never stops!

• Connect to Facebook and compete with your friends for the highest score
• Fun graphics and animations
• Chainsaws, Machine Guns, Bombs, Zombies!
• The download feature allows you to keep adding new songs and specialty packs directly from your iPhone
• Continually updated music selected from one of the largest music catalogs in the industry: APM (Associated Production Music)

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