zMahjong Solitaire Free

*** HD display (retina)
*** Adaption to iPhone 5
*** 4 new sets of tiles (Press New button and then Left/Right slide on the screen)
*** Game demo
*** Others

Latest New Feature: Two-players mode added! Cheers! (2012-05-10)

This is the famous Zhongyuan Mahjong (Solitaire)! This is the game that you purchase only once but will keep playing forever.

Zhongyuan Mahjong Solitaire now comes the FREE version!

Here are a few user reviews:
★★★★★If there was only one game on my iPad, it would be Zhongyuan Mahjong without hesitation.
—by Mockie, Aug 20, 2011

★★★★★Once I start playing, I can’t stop! I have a lot of mahjong games on my iPad, but this is by far my favorite one.
—by katieandron Sep 17, 2011

★★★★★Me encanta!!!!!!!
—from Spain Store, Jan 16, 2012

★★★★★The tetris of all mahjong games!
— from Belgium Store, by Grovonion, Jan 18, 2012

★★★★★ Really love this puzzle game! Thank you for creating it!!!
—by KJMB007 Feb 10, 2012

★★★★★ I would like to express my deepest respects and thanks to all of my great users. I feel proud of your challenging this difficult game as well as having your love toward this game. You are leading a new game trend! by developer, Shen Zhongyuan on Mar 20, 2012

Zhongyuan Mahjong (Solitaire) is the most challenging and additive puzzle game in the world! This game demands huge observations, great patience and challenging spirit! Although only 10% people can finally complete the game, yet tens of thousands of people are challenging and enjoying it every day!

***Demo of How to Play in Youtube

***Description of How to Play

***Game goal
Clear the board by removing two same tiles each time as quickly as possible.

***How to remove
Condition 1: If two same tiles are on the same row or column and there are no other tiles between them, tap to remove them directly.

Condition 2: If one tile can be moved to a new position where Condition 1 can be met by this tile and the other same tile, move this tile first and then tap the other to remove these two same tiles.

****Game features
The game proceeds with no hints, no help and no re-try. There is no any assistance to you but your hard observation. You can press the “End” button to see remaining removable pairs, but the game will end at the same time.

*It supports Chinese, English, Japanese and Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.
*It supports leaderboard of Game Center with cetegories of completement times and best time.
*It supports local leadearboard of best time.
*It supports landscape to enlarge big display.
*It supports moving-board to have access to more information.
*Supports submitting scores from Mac OS.

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