Zlider – Brain Gymnastics!

Train your thumb/brain coordinations now for FREE!!!


“This game by Moyo Studios is out of this world! ”
– GadgetLab

“I’ve had a lot of fun with it…”
– Touch Arcade

“…very addicting.”
– AppGuide

– The Portable Gamer

“Zlider is a very unique… first in its class…”
– iPhone App Reviews


Guide the little meteoroid through the galaxy and prevent him from colliding with the walls of blue and red stars.

You need a bunch of coordination skills with this game as you move the star-belts up and down with your left and right thumb, creating openings for the meteoroid to travel through. Your goal is to make it to the black hole at the end of each level

Master each level by collecting medals to increase your score and to unlock new and harder levels.

Connect and compete with your Facebook friends and see how they compare with you over time. You can see the score and stats of all your facebook friends who are playing Zlider.

Mastered all the levels? Don’t worry, we are releasing new level packs that you can purchase for a small price directly from the game.

Moyo Studios and Dogtown Studios thank you for exploring Zlider and hope you will enjoy the game as much as we did making it.


+ MILKY WAY – 20 levels for $0.99
This pack is perfect if you thought that the 4 free levels were not to hard and you are looking for more challenge.

+ ANDROMEDA – 20 levels for $0.99
Buy this level pack if you thought that the 4 free levels were a little too much of a challenge for you.


Connect with Facebook and post your Zlider stats online. Also compete with your friends and see how they are doing in Zlider. Global stats can be viewed at http://stats.zlider.com


If you are digging this game, become a fan of Zlider on Facebook.


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