Zitstorm Fresh

Discover the free and addictive pimple game that you will keep coming back to!

Zitstorm has beautiful graphics, great effects and finely tuned gameplay that doesn’t get old. Play it for FREE today!

You have been training for this your whole life! The rules are simple: squeeze zits for points and create massive combo chains to really earn your place. If you create a combo chain that scores highly enough, you will earn a letter; when you have spelled out ZITSTORM you will explode into an untimed squeezefest where massive pimple growth gives you the greatest rewards. Learning to control and unleash Zitstorms at will is how you prove your mastery.

Zitstorm is the most addictive pimple popper for iPhone! Hear what our customers are saying:

“Smashing it! – ★★★★★ – This is an instant classic! Great, challenging gameplay and rad animation! A must download!”

“Churns – ★★★★ – Very cool and nasty but awesome app worth buying”

“Zitastic – ★★★★★ – Freakin fantastic iPhone game. So addictive, So fun, So pustacular.”

★★ Highlights ★★
* Simple and responsive controls: squeeze your fingers or thumbs towards each other to pop pimples; scroll with a single finger to move around the playing field.

* Exciting combo system that rewards rapid planning and observation as well as reflexes.

★★ Zitstorm Fresh game modes ★★
* Blitzstorm is a classic time-based mode where you race the clock to get the highest score through combos.

★★ If you like Blitztorm, you can upgrade to unlock the following modes ★★
* Mutant is a mode where you will grow awful mutant power-up pimples that extend your combo, spawn massive pimple growth or give you bonuses.
* Puzzle is an untimed mode where you have a limited number of squeezes in which to get the best combo chain you can. Play wildly or squeeze carefully and strategically.
* Free Roam is a relaxing mode without scores and time limits. Just enjoy roaming the broad skin before you and squeeze at leisure.

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