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Apple Pulls $400 App After Spat

What happens when you take a very public poke or two at the App Store? Funnily enough, your app gets pulled. Although, Apple might claim that in this particular case, things were a little more complex than that.

As reported by Mobile Entertainment, the removal of Zits & Giggles, described by its makers as ‘the MOST ADVANCED dermatological simulator ever released,” from the App Store appears to be a simple case of tit for tat.

One of its creators, Tommy Refenes, recently took a major swipe at Apple at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, candidly stating that he ‘absolutely f***ing hate(s) the iPhone App Store”.

Going on to compare iPhone to a Tiger Electronic’s handheld, Refenes’ comments have been reported in the press, and his decision to take down the very platform his game had sat for sale on baffled many.

Now that particular conflict has ended. The site reports that Zits & Giggles has been mysteriously pulled from sale. However, Apple’s qualms with Refenes and company could extend beyond the developer’s personal views.

Probably of most concern to Apple was the app’s price. Having started out at just $0.99, Zits and Giggles rose to $15.99 in November, before leaping to $299.99 in February (when, as Kotaku claims, it still managed to shift 14 copies) and ending on an astounding $399.99 earlier this month.

Needless to say, forking out just under $400 for a game that focuses on facial acne might well have had more bearing on Apple’s decision than Refenes’ own recent break-out.

[Via Mobile Entertainment]