Zero Out 2

Zero Out 2 is a sequel of Zero Out, which is a classic dice game were you try to cover as many buttons as possible by covering the total of dice tossed. Zero Out 2 is also referred to as Shut the Box, Tric-Trac, Canoga, Klackers, Batten down the Hatches, and High Rollers.

How To Play:
* The player rolls the two dice
* The numbers 1 through 9 (or 1 through 12) are used to reach the sum of the two dice
* If the sum is reached, the dice are rolled again
* Each number may only be used once
* The sum of all remaining unused numbers is your current score
* Lowest score wins

New Features:
* Choose between playing with 9 or 12
* Play against an opponent
* Shake to roll option
* Turn on or off sounds
* Animated dice rolls

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