In human life everything is mixed, – feelings, thoughts, music, money, school, garbage, words, food, love, hospital, cemetery, policemen and firefighters, politicians and clowns, laugh and tears, and games, games, games …Different emotions, different ideas, different styles…Try to understand that, baby! Tap your iPhone (iPod or iPad) screen 10000 times in a strange game Zepi:Ultra during only the 15 minutes – and you will open the hidden meaning of fairy-tale style of Emo, Psychedelic and Urban! Do not be stingy with your fingers, baby, – just play Zepi!

– Rabbit Hole;
– Super Ball;
– bright, colorful skins: you can change them during the game;
– global leaderboard;
– accelerometer support: hold the device in a way which is comfortable for you;
– easy gameplay: your kids will love it too
– play any time, any place, it takes 5 minutes to set a new record

Tap same color skins, make as long as possible combos, and score as many as possible points. Keep in mind the Rabbit Hole behind the central button! Good luck!

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