Zentomino HD

Find your Zen, with this challenging take on the traditional pentomino puzzle game with over 400 puzzles!

Choose a puzzle to solve, and try to complete the shape, without overlapping any of the pieces. Zentomino HD will recognize when the puzzle is solved. Play for five minutes, or five hours!

Features in Zentomino HD that you won’t find in the iPhone version:
– Entirely new high resolution graphics!
– Multiple save slots for family play.
– 10 unique piece skins!
– Streamlined interface, with every option available from the main screen.
– Larger play area for solving puzzles.
– New puzzle picker layout, showing more puzzles per page.
– Play songs from your own music library, right inside the game.
– Left and right landscape orientation support.

Standard features:
– Over 400 puzzles!
– Large, intuitive touch controls.
– Solve puzzles in any order.
– Hint system.
– Puzzle memory keeps track of multiple, in progress, puzzles.
– Puzzle reset. Give your device a hard shake to send the pieces back to the corners.
– Track your progress, with a complete view of all your completed puzzles.
– Advanced mode, for players who want to choose from all twelve pieces for any puzzle.
– Soothing background music by Atomicon.

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