ZENFORMS: Protectors

**This game will receive FREE updates regularly which add more content such as new locations, more story, side quests, more ZENFORMS and new features.

Though the game’s story in 1.0 is quite short, there’s still plenty of collecting and training to do. Major content updates(1.1, 1.2 and so on) will be added regularly to give players even more to enjoy and, because the game is still heavily in development, player feedback can help shape the game! So come on in and join the community =)

Official Forum: www.calisprojects.com/forum
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CalisProjects
Twitter: www.twitter.com/calisprojects
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/CalisProjectsOfficial

Check out the ZENFORMS Wiki for info, too!

What is ZENFORMS: Protectors?

ZENFORMS: Protectors is a 2D monster training and battling RPG set in a modern fantasy world. Players will assume the role of a student Protector, whose appearance can be customized, that aspires to ascend the ranks and become a full-fledged Grand Protector. To achieve this, the player will enlist the help of ZENFORMS, amazing creatures given life by the Gaia Crystals. ZENFORMS evolve depending on how they are trained, giving the player great control. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and become the greatest Protector that Gaia has ever seen!

Story Overview

On Planet Gaia, you and your best friend, Keith, are about to take your first steps toward your dreams of becoming Grand Protectors.

The path won’t be smooth, though, as a rebel group begins causing mayhem. This group, headed by a mysterious masked man with a Grand Protector uniform, is upsetting the balance and you’re going to have to help restore it.

It’s time to unravel the mystery behind the Rebellion and its masked leader in order to protect Caladan State from danger!

So what exactly are ZENFORMS?

ZENFORMS are powerful creatures born of Planet Gaia itself.

They have three main, physical, stats which the player can upgrade: Attack, Defense and Speed

So long as the player has enough Skill Points, they can evolve their ZENFORMS at any time.

The form a ZENFORM takes upon evolution is based on their stats at the time, allowing the player great control.

A large variety of ZENFORMS are available – all of which are derived from three Newborn ZENFORMS: The four-legged Rinba, zero-legged Slino and two-legged Freno.

ZENFORMS evolve through five stages going from Newborn to Child to Adolescent to Adult and, finally, to Grand.

Each ZENFORM also comes in three colors, each with its own movepool to learn from.

What was that about customizing?

The player can customize their avatar in many ways.

Male or Female?
Pale, Light, Tan or Dark skin?
Pick from 6 different hair styles each gender with 8 colors each!
Choose from 6 outfits each gender, each of which sports 4 color combinations!

And even more options will be made available in future FREE updates!

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