ZapZap Bleat Bleat

Sync Studios presents a wooly disaster of epic proportions for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

Using a range of unique and powerful lazer weapons you must help Pappa Cletus to save the population from rampaging infected mutant sheep before they spread and attack even more people.

Stop the mutant sheep and maul the mutton across hundreds of challenging and deviously tricky levels by placing mirrors to direct your shot around the level, incinerating those infected sheep in one clean shot.

With increasingly complex and challenging levels, Zap Zap quickly becomes an addictive pick up and play TPSS (third person sheep shooter) that challenges the mind with it’s deviously complex level design.


Battle the marauding mutton across 100 levels set over ten environments as they spread from the farm, to the city and other top secret locations.

Get ingenious weapon upgrades to do more damage.

Leader boards and social networking with OpenFeint integration.

Deviously complex level design keeps you coming back for more!

Also runs on iPad with full HD Graphics.

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