Zapples Lite

***Look for an upcoming update that features a taste of power-ups that will be present in the full version of Zapples!***

A peaceful and tranquil realm has been invaded by a contagion never before seen by the likes of any living creature. They invade our senses, envelop our dreams, and are nerve racking to say the least. Please help our realm and zap these vile creatures with your powerful touch…only you can save us from…Zapples!

* Use your magical touch to electrify different types of Zapples creating a chain reaction where in your goal is to zap them all! With each new Zapple added to the chain your score bounds higher and higher.

* Progress through the realm eradicating the Zapples encountering more and more Zapples in higher numbers as they also progressively get trickier to zap!

* Earn hidden stars by gaining only the highest of scores and tackle the art of the zap chain!

* Leaderboards are available for every level through OpenFeint…can you become the biggest, baddest, champion of Zapples in all the land?

* Convenient in-app purchase allows you to unlock the full version of Zapples containing all 48 stages without advertising!

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