Zack's Preschool Games – Beach Fun Lite

The Zack’s Preschool Games – Beach Fun Lite provides free the 4 games with limited content from the super collection of 10 educational mini games for preschoolers which seamlessly blend one into another as the kids complete each task.

The game teaches kids to easily identify various Fruits, Eatables, Animals, Vehicles and Musical Instruments. It also helps kids to differentiate between Shapes, Colors, Sizes and learn the letters from A to Z.

The app features a never-ending gameplay, which is designed specifically keeping the youngest ones in mind. There are no annoying menus and each mini game transits into another one after successful completion. If the child is having a trouble performing a certain task, he or she can instantly advance to the next one or see a hint by tapping respective buttons in the top left corner of the screen.

There are interactive objects and characters on each screen to keep children engaged and have fun as they learn the basics to count, spell words, tell colors and much more. The music, sound effects and voice overs were performed by a professional artist and we’ll definitely be enjoyed both by preschoolers and their parents.

The kid receives a loud applause and a number of virtual toys to choose from after every 3 tasks completed successfully in a row. All the toys the child gets as a reward are stored in a toy box and can be further viewed.

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