Yummy! Yummy!

You can enjoy the most distinctive ‘Action Arcade Game’ by feeding a monster with sweet food!

Our little sluggish but a big and cute monster friend is living in the planet, called ‘Yummy Yummy!’. Unfortunately, he cannot realize any stuff around him due to his fixed body on the ground!

You’re getting bored in a space shuttle in spite of stunning views during a space journey. When trying to get closer to a far-off tiny planet after witnessing a huge statue, you are suddenly crash-landed for its gravity. However, in an instant soon, you meet a paradise right after tasting something fallen to your mouth!! Those are sweet food like candies, donuts, pancakes and etc.!!

You promptly realize that a cute monster friend is eagerly and alternately staring both you and sweet food. You also feel glad to meet a new friend through a boring space journey. From now, you are starting developing a queer relationship with him like an owner and a pet…

Our ‘Yummy Yummy!’ features
– A technically simple operating system, ‘Swiping’.
– Diversification for game management with a food and item collection / accessories / special items / various effects.
– Many entertaining elements such as a ‘feeding combo system’ / a ‘food gauge system’ / various stages in accordance with level-up.

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