Yummy Soft Serve

Everyone loves a soft serve ice-cream. It’s all about the sweet stuff now. It’s combi-madness with all the different flavors and toppings you’ve got to serve up on those cones! Yummy Soft Serve packs with it the thrills and spills of making the perfect soft serve or totally missing it and going splat!
Beneath all the creamy sweetness lies 30 levels of soft serve boot camp. The customers are placing their orders fast and furious with ever-changing ice cream combinations. Watch out for the elusive shaker bottle of sprinkles. There’s a little surprise there waiting for you.
Had your go at being a Food Shooter Sauce Master and topped the scoreboard? It’s time to expand your snack shop with a new soft serve machine. If you thought your eyes and fingers have become all nifty and well trained, think again! 
It’s time to round up your friends once again for this new challenge. Who’s going to top the scoreboard now? 

– Go from novice to expert with 3 levels of difficulty.
– Serve up triple flavored ice-cream cones to perfection.
– Look out for the life-saving sprinkles shaker!
– You’re running a business here. Going splat loses you points and there goes your high-score!

Game Center ENABLED
 * Challenge your friends on the online scoreboards.
 * We’ve upped the excitement and action! Enjoy serving it up and becoming the next big thing in the ice-cream scene!
 * Earn achievement points.

– Pump yourself up with the right music as you listen to your iPod music while playing.

Game trailer: www.youtube.com/user/novelapp
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