Write secret messages and send them to a friend with a push of a button!

This application uses the Substitution Cipher method, which is very similar to the Caesar Cipher method. It simply substitutes letters by specifying a special alphabet.

To send a secret message start by typing or pasting a message into the “Plaintext” field. Then enter the key which is exactly 26 different characters long in the “Key” field and hit “Encrypt.” The encrypted message will appear in the “Ciphertext” field. From there you can copy and paste the encrypted message into a text message or by simply pressing the “E-Mail” button your encrypted message will automatically be entered into an E-Mail ready to be sent. The key will also be included in the subject line for quick deciphering.

When you receive a secret message, copy and paste it into the top “Plaintext” field, enter the key that is exactly 26 characters long, press the “Decrypt” button and your secret message will be decrypted for you to read!

Somebody who doesn’t know the secret key can decipher this message, but it’s very time consuming (even more so than the Caesar Cipher).

Note 1: Only letters from “A” to “Z” are supported.
Note 2: This is an text encryption app, but this app should not be used to cipher any company or government secrets.

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