YourPairs HD

YourPairs HD combines memory training and enjoying your most favorable photos at once. The HD version for iPad now offers best picture quality and an entirely new marvelous user experience!

A picture pairs game which lets you create your own game sets using your personal photo library.
You might use photos recently taken with your iPad camera or existing pictures from your photo albums like your last holiday or family reunion.

Every game set is unique because you create it individually.
Once some game sets exist, you can use the included play-random-game option for an infinite amount of new game sets and unexpected picture pairs sets.

Furthermore the difficulty levels are up to you. By choosing pictures that look very much alike the difficulty increases tremendously.

Now you can walk around the table by turning the iPad. If you turn it while a game is ongoing you must be a real brain to keep the orientation on the table.

To create a game set, you just choose the photos from your photo albums which you want to see in your game.
Once created, the game set is stored internally in YourPairs, so it doesn’t matter if you delete photos or change albums in your Photos app. YourPairs is completely independent from your Photos app.

The easy and intuitive user interface makes it fun to play.

Simply choose a game set, touch it and drag it to the pile of cards on the screen side the the game will start.
You can manage a lot of game sets, by scrolling the main view.
For the creation of new game sets, just touch the photo icon and the creation screen will appear. If you want to delete a game set, enable deletion mode by touching the deletion icon and than drag the desired game set to the icon.

Choose the photos you like the most and have fun!

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