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YOUR GAME is a simple yet compelling collection of four games that allow you to quickly and easily customize the experience with your own recorded audio and pictures, making your child feel like it was crafted just for him or her whether you are by their side or off at work. In other words, there are amy games out there, but this one is truly YOUR GAME.

Since personalizing the games is so easy, you’ll soon create new interesting sights and sounds for your child’s pleasure. Just imagine the fun you can have as you add your images of family members, favorite toys, pets or just that perfect customized sound that fascinates your child.

Have the children’s grandparents’ record words in their native language. Record yourself speaking in that special voice. And don’t forget that children are delighted to hear their own voices played back to them as they explore.

There are four game modes with different challenges for your child to explore:
– Memory cards game: Turn over cards until you make a match
– Outline matching game: Drag objects into their matching outlines
– 6-piece puzzle: Assemble a simple 6 piece jigsaw puzzle.
– Tracing: Trace a dotted line around the outline of an object.

– Easy to tap big buttons and simple design are ideal for toddlers and preschoolers
– Tutorial to guide you through your first personalized recording
– Simple image capture and recording interface to add your own custom items
– Four categories of built-in object art to get you started: Animals, fruit, numbers and vehicles (more available)
– Bright, attractive art
– Pre-recorded default audio in English
– No ads, banners or other “features” for your child to accidentally tap

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