You Sudoku, Too!

Hey, you! And you, too! Now you can both Sudoku! Twist and turn your iOS device, or use the on-screen buttons, to guide numbers (1-9) into position one by one. The goal? To put exactly one of each digit in each row, column and 3×3 square. That’s right – you’re building a Sudoku puzzle!

In this followup to our popular You, Sudoku game, you are now faced with a starting scenario (akin to traditional Sudoku games). If you get flustered, you can press the pause button to take a breather – but in pause mode, points are gradually ticked off your score. There is also now a “Versus” mode. Once you complete the puzzle, you will have the option to play the same puzzle a second time and the game will keep track of the best score.

There is one unique, ideal way to solve the puzzle. Who will find it – you? Or maybe you? Or you? It’s okay – now everyone can Sudoku!

Press start and a number tile (1-9) appears in the center of the 9×9 grid. Depending on which way you are holding the device, the block will move downward (toward the ground), or pressing one of the on-screen arrows to override this. You can also press the “play” button to speed it up. Once it hits another block (or the bottom of the column/row) it will stop and another tile appears in the center square. If it gets stopped in the center, the game is over.

Your score is determined by the number of unique blocks in each group (column, row and 3×3 square). The more unique blocks in a group, the higher your score from that group, and your total score is displayed after you finish the game.

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