“… if you pick this app up, it will be quite some time later before you set it back down. It defines the word addictive.”

” … so faithfully reproduces the old tin-style carnie games that you can almost taste the cotton candy on the tip of your tongue. Or in this case, the strudel!”
-Apps for iPad

“If you haven’t seen this app, you haven’t seen it all.”
-Best Kids Apps

“Yodel-Oh™ is easily one of the most charming high-scoring reflex/endurance games I’ve played on the platform.”
-App Addict

Take on RamBam, LambBam and the whole bleatin’ clan in the exciting Alpine climbing adventure that pits your wits against the meanest sheep in the mountain. Loaded with half-crazed herds, twisting targets and awesome fairway sounds, YodelOh™ Classic is guaranteed to leave you lacing up your lederhosen and yodeling for more.

YodelOh™ Classic is fun for the entire family and a great way to help younger players develop their fine motor and visual tracking skills. But be warned, no matter why you pick it up, you’ll have a hard time putting it down until you’ve tapped your way to the top and earned your title as the King of the Alps.

* Fast-paced, target tapping fun.
* Beautiful graphics optimized for the retina display.
* Original polka music and yodeling.
* Bonus scoring rounds every 2,500 points
* Extra points and multipliers that boost your score.

Our Child-Safety Pledge.

At Spinlight Studio, we’re committed to child-safety and providing parents with the information they need to make informed purchase decisions. To learn more about our privacy policy, follow the link above, or visit spinlight.com for a detailed list of the safety features included in every Spinlight app.

YodelOh™ Classic includes:
* No third-party ads
* No social network links
* No easy web access
* No in-app purchases

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