Yet Another Bird Game


What do birds do in their free time? Hang out on electrical cables, of course! The warm, fuzzy current beneath their feet stimulates their mind and soothes their soul.

But what if someone comes along and takes it all away? Will you help the poor little birdies?

A deadly form of current known as “Current-X”, invented by a mad scientist who hates birds is running through electrical cables. Survive as long as you can by moving around the birds on the wires. Lose three lives and its game over!

*6 unique birds, each with their own advantages and disadvantages

*Collect worms for extra points and assists

*Complete challenges to earn score boosters and storm your way up the leaderboards

*iPhone 5 support

6 birds. 5 wires. 1 very addictive game.

It may be yet another bird game, but you haven’t seen anything like it.

IMPORTANT: The game is built for iPhone and iPod Touch devices running upwards of iOS 5.0

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