Yellow Snow: Borderline

Can you copy the patterns on the snow?
Yellow Snow has 25 images of varying complexity to trace. Challange yourself on harder difficulty levels:
– recharge with a fresh bottle of beer and fight the effects of temporary drunkenness
– counter the relentless force of wind to stay on the line
– try to ignore the snow which just keeps on falling…
– on the hardest difficulty level the pattern will fade and you have to finish from memory!

If you still find the game too easy follow every virtual beer with a real one! Or try it at parties where you have a head start on the drunkenness.

Don’t worry if you can’t complete all of them in one try, the game remembers where you left off. (Altough, you can reset your results in the options if you want to.) When you finish your score will be sent automatically to the Game Center leaderboard!

Publish your drawings on Facebook!
In the drawing mode you can draw whatever you like then save it to your photo album or upload it to Facebook.

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