Yaxche: The Tree of Life

Yaxche is the server app for the game Yaxche: The Tree of Life. PLEASE NOTE: Yaxche: The Tree of Life is only compatible with iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th Generation because of the gyroscope sensor.

Yaxche: The Tree of Life is a 4 person collaborative strategy board game. The 4 players take on the roles of council members in the ancient Maya city of Tiho. Tiho has been attacked by the Lords of Xibalba and it is up to the Shaman, Queen, Farmer, and Warrior to work together to save the city within 13 days.

The game is played with 4 iPod Touches/iPhones and 1 iPad. The iPad acts as the network server via Bluetooth or WiFi to the 4 players located in the same room. There are 13 turns within the game that are made up of 4 different phases. The first phase is the ritual phase where all the players participate in a synchronized performance which, depending upon the accuracy, reveals helpful information during the current turn. The second phase consists of the 4 players strategizing over which locations of the city need magical protections. Phase three displays the magic being applied to the city locations. In the fourth phase, the Lords of Xibalba attack random locations. After the 13 turns are up depending upon how many locations have evil magic applied to them, you either win or lose.

Developed by Patrick Conlan, Fabian Magaloni, Lilia McIntyre, Bruce Mishkit

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