Yaniv is a card game whose origin is shrouded in mystery. Rumor has it that it was conceived by an adventurer
named Yaniv and spread as he backpacked from the hidden peaks of a Hindu temple to the sandy shores of the US.
Yaniv is an amazingly addictive and easy card game that’s guaranteed to keep you enthralled for hours. If you don’t
believe us, try it for yourself, it’s free. :)

– Reduce your hand’s value at all costs.
– Maximize each turn and discard sets, trips, and other high value hands.
– Outsmart your opponents with pre-planned strategies, wits, and intuition to win.
– When you think you have the lowest hand, call “YANIV!”
– Be careful, if you declare “YANIV” and another player has a lower hand, you lose and “ASSAF” is declared. That’s
30 points! (points are bad)

– An easy to follow, Step-by-Step tutorial introduces new players to the game.
– Play offline against smart and challenging computer opponents or play online with players around the world.
– Invite your friends and challenge up to 3 players at once.
– Quick Match feature lets you jump right into multiplayer action.
– Share your score via Facebook.
– Chat with friends and connect with leaderboard support for online matches.
– Earn 40 fun and exciting achievements.
– Access player profiles by tapping on a player’s name in an online match.
– Additional difficulty levels, game statistics, and modes are available.
– Full retina display support with vibrant and colorful art.
– 3 Difficulty levels (Pro difficulty for Pro users only) & fully customizable game settings.
– Change look and feel using Themes or Photos from device library (Pro users only)

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