Xuer – Snowball Fight

A snowball fight game.
Click the support url to see demo video.

————————– Story ————————–
ONE day Xuer left her Shifu , moved to a new town that have a huge park — the “SnowPark”.

There she met her new friend Ruby. They play snowball fight every day.

Use snowball to shock down your friends, do NOT worry, they just want to have some rest and will stand up and catch up you later.

Keep playing and Xuer may meet new friends.

How many friend can you have?

————————— Info —————————
*Easy Control: simply Drag->Aim->Drop.

*Sharp Shooter: head shots cause double damage.

*Coins: Your friends sometimes give you coins as presents, use it as you wish.

*Home: Decorate your home makes you stronger(both physically and mentally).

*Bun: buns are just delicious!

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