xPirate is a unique game that Integrates an xPirate board game with an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Only EXIM Games can give you the ability to use our unique board game with multiple Apps and the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad mobile platforms.

Required! – a physical board game (xPirate Game), docking station and App are required to play this game: the App can be downloaded from Apple iTunes and the board game can be purchased directly from EXIM Games or at Amazon. For a full list of retailers, please see our website at www.eximgames.com. Detailed instructions can also be found on our website.

This game can be played with 1 to 8 players and support three levels of difficulty. Each player can play the same game at different levels of difficulty.

xPirate is a game played on a game board with the use of an App to manage all game actions. This is targeted at ages 8 and up and supports 1 to 8 players, 4 players is the optimal number of players but additional players can join if needed. This xPirate App can not be played correctly without the physical board game.

The Adventure Begins …

Welcome to xPirate! Players have been recruited as Captains of their own xPirate ship. In this strategic pirate quest for hidden treasure, victory is awarded to the xPirate ship that finds all its hidden treasures and returns home first.

Each xPirate player will start off in a Home Color Region (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue). The xPirate players must then find the treasures from each color region, including his/her own before returning to his/her home base for victory. Players will command his/her ship across each color region, but beware, ships can be attacked at sea, on land and by other players.

Hidden Treasure – the xPirate App will uniquely hide the treasure in each color region for each player. Treasures may or may not be in the same location for each player in the same color region.

Game Objective – first player to find all four treasures and return to his/her home color region Home Island, wins the game.

Here is a quick note from our local Pirate! …

Ahoy there me hearties – come set sail with xPirate – the world’s first-ever game that combines a traditional game board with the iPhone, iPod touch and even an iPad. 
Travel across dangerous waters on the hunt for hidden treasure before sailing back to your home port for victory, but beware mateys – you’ll be encountering Krakens, deadly ship attacks and skeleton armies. Arghhh – and then there’s the danger of a surprise ambush from your fellow buccaneers! Savvy?
With limited supplies, you’ll be tradin’ on the island markets – buying and selling just to keep afloat, that is if you aren’t swept away by a raging typhoon before reaching the shore.
xPirate is for ages 8 and up.  Real family fun for a new generation of Pirates…. xPirates Arghhh…!!

The Concept …

EXIM Games an awesome game manufacturer!  Seriously, EXIM Games is introducing the worlds first and only board game with integrated game play through the use of an Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, patent pending.  We are hard at work developing future enhancements for xPirate as well as new games for your xPirate board game such as xVampire.  An expandable game that just gets better with time – perfect!

Our philosophy – players should be able to buy one board game and expand their game play options with new enhancements and new games.  EXIM Games will also offer future xPirate enhancements through the Apple iTunes Store.  With one App, players will have unlimited future updates – imagine that a game that just get better with time!  Players can also purchase additional future Apps for their existing board game such as xVampire, a future release by EXIM Games.

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