XP Tracker

XP Tracker for Rolemaster is an aid to make your gaming more enjoyable and less tedious dealing with tracking experience points. XP Tracker handles all the die rolling while adding in all skill and item bonuses. In other words all the scratch paper the gamer uses has gone digital.

Integrated battle calculator can handle multiple attacks like 24A + 6 +25E + 7 +14. When you add the level of the creature, and DOA, it will calculate the totals and add it to your XP.

XP Tracker can be customized to your game play from background images to adjusting your own multipliers. We worked hard at adapting it to your individual game play. Store notes, character equipment, skills, stats, roll main and secondary die rolls or enter them manually. Log skills XP and results like insane, absurd and more.

XP Tracker was created by gamers for gamers. With limited time to play these days we wanted to deal with less combat calculations and experience point tracking. This app allows for more game time with little to no slow down in game play.

If you play the fantasy role playing game Rolemaster and have an iPad, then welcome to the next level of game play.

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