XARM Extreme Arm Wrestling

XARM is the newest hand-to-hand combat sport from the Creator of the UFC, Art Davie.

TRAIN with coaches who developed the official sport and compete against athletes who fight in the real world league.

WATCH live action video in the game to learn how to execute devastating chokes & knockout blows, including the SkyScraper, Fist Choke, Cobra Strike and many, many more.

CHALLENGE opponents, earn credits and purchase advanced techniques & boosts to put you on top!

XARM is where arm wrestling and MMA meet at a table, where there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide – all delivered to your iPhone and iPad and playable anywhere.

We hope you enjoy this free game. We not only want, but need your feedback. We want to make XARM better. We’d appreciate COMMENTS vs negative ratings in order to improve our game faster.

Send us your suggestions to: feedback@xarm.com.

Thanks for playing!

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