XAirport’s goal is to make the life of a flight sim pilot easier when it comes to setting COM and NAV radio frequencies while flying with the popular flight simulator “X-Plane”.
The app comes with a database of all 33.000 airports together with the associated ATC, VOR and ILS frequencies. This allows the user to set the radio frequencies in X-Plane with the tap of a finger on his/her iPad instead of using the in-game map, thus avoiding to pause the sim to look up data.

The app also allows a “Live Tracking” map view of the player airplane and up to 7 additional AI airplanes running on X-Plane. All airports and VORs from the database are displayed as pins on the map. Data of each airport is only a tap of the finger away, again without pausing the simulator.

*** Important ***
1) A copy of X-Plane running on a computer (Mac, PC, Linux) is needed in order to use the Live Tracking feature!!
2) Airport PDF charts are not part of this App. We just provide a front-end to publicly available data.

-Database containing all 33.000 airports available in X-Plane
-Set COM/NAV radio frequencies from the app via WiFi to a computer running X-Plane, without the need to look up or memorize numbers, or pause the sim
-Display a map centered on any airport from the database
-Track the position of your airplane and up to 7 additional AI airplanes on a standard map with the location of all airports and VORs as overlay
-view publicly available PDF airport charts of selected major airports (3rd party data, internet connection required)
-supports retina display

-X-Plane 9.70
-X-Plane 10

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