X Match-it

“X Match-it” is a simple memory game that will give Sudoku a run for its money! It uses a set of the D9 Playing Cards where the player needs to match 4 cards of the same value; 1 from each of the 4 regions on the ‘X-board’. Rules are similar to Sudoku where there will be no card of the same value on any one row/column.

Sudoku and Puzzle lovers will find this game very entertaining.

Easy Mode – You will get +10 to timer when you correctly open 4 cards of the same number.
Normal – No bonus
Hard – 3 clues are removed from the center region.
Extreme – There is a bomb in every region, opening it will result in -5 to timer. If you get all four bombs, you will defused them and get +10 to timer.

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