X-Mas Sweeper

Clear your board by wizardry, freeze your opponents using the power of ice and unfreeze yourself with warming candlelight. Minesweeper on a whole new level at christmas!

X-Mas Sweeper gives the Minesweeper-gameplay a Christmassy atmosphere and comes with full Game Center support. In-Game voice chat, 2-player mode and special abilities ensure exciting duels on the quest for baubles. Distract your opponents by singing Christmas songs while you’re jollily finishing your board.

During the holidays it’s fair enough to grant yourself a break from searching mines all the time. But who spread all these baubles on the floor? You certainly don’t want to break them! Keep all of them unscathed to assure yourself a place on the leaderboards or go for some unique achievements!

For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch (optimized for Retina Display). In case you don’t have a Game Center Account already: Now is the time to get one!

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