X-Mas Spot the Difference Lite

***X-Mas Spot the Difference***

32 great stages, 300+ X-Mas pictures from photographers all over the world!!!

Enjoy the cozy X-Mas time with your iPhone/iPot touch!

You can enjoy this X-Mas game with your girlfriend/boyfriend, your children, your family or alone!!

Enjoy your christmas time with only $0.99!

“X-Mas Spot the Difference” with 32 Stages and 300+ of colorful X-Mas pictures, and fine X-Mas music!

Light up your X-mas tree by completing all the 32 stages!

Main Features

1. Light up your X-mas tree through completing all the stages! There is a hidden wonder in the end of the game!

2. 32 Stages, 300+ X-Mas pictures from photographers all over the world.

3. A big Christmas tree consisting of stages with: Santa, Christmas tree, Snow Man, Christmas houses, Snow Scenes, X-Mas Present, X-Mas Shopping, X-Mas Flowers, X-Mas Cities and restaurants, X-Mas Lights, X-Mas cooking, X-Mas Cakes and Bread, X-Mas bear and many more!

4. Three Little Boss stages and one Final Stage. Let’s steal the bosses’ hat by completing the boss stages!

5. Enjoy the bonus games popping out randomly : Match It; Press It; Memorize It; Multiply It!

6. Fully supports Hi-Definition images(Retina Display) for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G so that you can enjoy crisp pictures!

7. A X-Mas photo gallery that you can enjoy what you’ve solved so far!

8. Spot the difference with colorful X-Mas interface and fun X-Mas music.

9. You don’t want the music, effects, or vibration(iPhone) ? just turn it off in the Settings menu!

32 stages and 300+ X-Mas game photos!!!

Let’s light up the tree and discover the adventurous world of “X-Mas Spot the Difference!”

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