WWBD Lite (What Would Bob Do?)

WWBD Lite (What Would Bob Do ?) Pity Poor Bob….he has been out on a bit of a wild night and now he has woken up lost in the middle of nowhere. Can you help Bob overcome the many puzzles between him and his warm bed ? Oh and by the way Bob has lost his house key…..

WWBD is an object based adventure puzzle game. Bob can carry two items at a time – combine items in order to solve puzzles and progress through the game. Here are some tips to get you started !

+ The Meat may help you get past any wildlife you encounter on your journey
+ The Helmet would help you get past the falling rocks…but how to get it out of that oak tree ?
Also Features :
+ Reggae soundtrack – groove down with Bob.
+ OpenFeint integration. Can you cure Bob’s hangover ?
+ Hidden exit – can you find Bob’s real home ?
+ Indie developer – thanks for supporting me – please check out my other games !

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