WreckMan: Rise of a Hero

Compatible with iPhone 5 and iPad 2
10 reasons why you will be absolutely blown away by WreckMan: Rise of a Hero!!!

1) This game has a huge wrecking ball, that you will ride as the hero, destroying a ton of stuff along your way!
2) Did you like Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball video? Now you can re-enact it with an ugly dude! :-D
3) Your side-kick is a powerful warrior, summoned to live his life as a rabbit. His name is Armin, and he dislikes carrots.
4) I Play Apps says: “The title brings a fresh breeze in the AppStore and convinced us with its fun gameplay.”
5) You will be laughing your tail off at the crazy story about the two unlikely heroes on their journey
6) There is a ton of levels, keeping you glued to your phone / tablet for a long time!
7) Massive fights with huge bosses and epic enemies
8) Tongue in cheek rocking sound track. #to-diefor
9) Tons of levels and challenging game modes
10) Power-ups, customisable character, amazing 3D graphics

*Compatible with iPhone 5 and iPad 2 or better*

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WreckMan: Rise of a Hero Review

Ever since Miley Cyrus released her famous music video, wrecking balls have never been more popular. The time seems right for a free-to-play action game that uses your iOS device's touch and tilt functions, along with a swinging physics engine and a psychotic talking rabbit, to cause absurd levels of destruction.  WreckMan: Rise of a Hero is a game with a great sense of humor above all else. You play as an aspiring stuntman who Read More →