How many words can you find before time runs out? Wrackle is a new twist on word search puzzles that will get your mind racing.


Find as many 3, 4, 5 or 6 letter words before time runs out. Earn more points by using letters with higher point values. Words must be selected in a straight line, but can be selected up, down, left or right. Used letters are removed from the board and replaced with new letters. If you get stuck, you can swap letters. But be careful, each swap subtracts 1 point from your game score.


✭ One Player Game – try to beat your high score and earn achievements

✭ Two Player Games – play against your friends or random opponents to earn bragging rights

✭ Daily Challenge – compete against other Wrackle users on the daily board to earn the highest score. Place in the top 5 to win a portion of the progressive jackpot of credits

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