WOW-LiGHT is an interesting game which riches you the knowledge of light refraction; it also helps you learn how to mix color with different color of light. There are variable mirrors with different characters which makes the game more joyful. After try and trail, you will get clear where and how to put the mirror on the right position with the right angle.

There are four colors: white, red, green, and blue. You can make more lights or mix more colors by the light travels back and forth between mirrors. If you want to know how to mix different colors with variable lights, come and join the world of WOW-LiGHT right now !!

In order to pass the levels, you need to drag the mirror to the right position and tap to adjust the angle, so that you can light all stars with corresponding lights. You can tap the target mirror to change the direction of the light. Multi-touch available which enables you to deal with several mirrors at once.

There is an another function which makes the game more challenge. If you want to achieve three stars, you need to spend less time to pass the level., it depends how quick you can remember the distributions of all mirrors and its direction.

This is an amazing puzzle game that develops your inteligence. If you are good at puzzles or you think you are the top 30% cleverest people in the world, then join and play the game with us now!!!

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